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Wallpaper sample A3 set of 3 pcs

Wallpaper sample A3 set of 3 pcs

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The cost of a set of three samples in A3 format is PLN 59 with DPD courier delivery

When ordering a set of samples, please specify the names of the selected designs and the 3 selected materials.

We produce and send samples every Monday by DPD courier. Samples ordered by Friday by 5:00 p.m. are shipped on the following Monday.

When ordering a photo wallpaper sample that is a comprehensive pattern, the sample is made to scale and shows the entire photo wallpaper. To get a 1:1 scale photo wallpaper sample, you need to specify the target size of the wall with the wallpaper. For ombre patterns, we show the entire photo wallpaper and close-ups in 1:1 scale for 4x3 m of the extreme color from the top and bottom of the photo wallpaper.

What does the SAMPLE give me

Wall Art wallpapers are prepared with great care so that they look beautiful in your interior. The 1 to 1 frame sometimes gives the wrong impression that the pattern is out of focus. However, it should be remembered that the wallpaper on the wall is viewed from a distance of about 1 m and as a complete pattern, so its fragment does not give us a full idea of ​​the final effect. In case of doubt - please contact us.

I get a 14-day color guarantee - in the event of discrepancies with the sample, I can complain about the wallpaper*.

It allows me to familiarize myself with the structure of the material and the quality of the pattern in full scale and smaller.

I can use the sample as a reference when choosing colors and accessories in the interior.

It allows me to check the shade of the wallpaper in different lighting, in the target room, at different times of the day.

By keeping the sample until I receive the wallpaper, I can compare it with the final product and be sure that it is in accordance with my order.

Thanks to the sample, I can see the actual color of the wallpaper, instead of relying on its often imprecise representation on the computer or phone screen**.

By ordering samples on the Laminated Self-Adhesive Vinyl material, intended for places particularly exposed to dirt, moisture and damage (e.g. kitchen: cooking area, bathroom: shower cabin), I can test them for resistance to detergents, water and scrubbing. As well as try the standalone application, thus convincing yourself how simple and fast the process is.

What does the sample consist of?

1 to 1 close-up - a 1 to 1 cutout shows the actual shade of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper frame - pattern frame will always show more saturated colors.

* Only a sample can be the basis for a color complaint. We encourage you to keep the sample until you receive the wallpaper.

** The shade of light in the target room may affect the perception of color (especially gray and beige). The white color on the wallpaper is the color of the material - not white paint.